My Travel Around The World: Hodogaya-Ku, Yokohama

If there is something I like about the world, is traveling abroad and know every corner on my precious planet. It’s expensive and not everyone has enough resources to travel around the globe, it’s right. Whether it’s due to lack of time or money, traveling can become restrictive and exhausting.

Something is a truth, you can travel around the globe with a budget, I’ve done it before and I bet you can. I know this because I’ve been filming my own personal documentary film with a free video editing, -I’m not rich evidently-

Some years ago I had the chance to take some vacations in Japan. I absolutely love it from the start to the end, I’ve always been in love with the oriental culture.

So, you can imagine me exploring all kind of historic places, tourists’ destinations and living the amazing Japanese lifestyle. I did all exploration in Japan on a budget, and yes, traveling to Japan on a budget is possible.

Japan is easily a destination in which you can save money because there are so many things to do and so many accommodation options for every kind of budgets.

Throughout my adventure in Japan, I found an interesting place called Hodogaya. It’s one of the 18 wards of the city of Yokohama and it has an estimated population of 200.000 people. Even though the area around Hodogaya is inhabited for thousands of years, now humans have made their path across this area to turn it into a largely regional commercial city and a bedroom community for its proximity with Yokohama and Tokyo.

Hodogaya worked perfectly for me at that time as the perfect budget destination just because it is really close to Tokyo. Tokyo is not a secret, that city might be expensive as no other city in the world, but Hodogaya gave the fantastic opportunity to stay near to Tokyo and without breaking my bank account.

Throughout my journey, I used to use the free video editing to keep my personal documentary film on point. That’s why I spent such a good time there, I was living the dream of traveling abroad while I was using that free video editing software.

I was at first a little bit skeptical of the possible results the free video editing might deliver. I’m not a professional video editor, but I know a thing or two about it.

I must admit that my journey was 100% recorded because I truly love to shoot videos and later show them to my family and friends.

Two things happened: My family and friends were impressed with the fantastic travel adventure throughout Japan and Hodogaya and they were insanely impressed with how good I had edited that video.

I could’ve spent a fortune in a professional video editor, instead, I used this free video editing software and the results couldn’t be better.

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